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Klamath Algae

algae01Upper Klamath Algae is the most nutrient-dense and perfectly-balanced wholefood with an extraordinarily complete content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and live enzymes. It is up to 62% protein, super-rich in beta carotene and other antioxidants and is one of the highest, natural dietary sources of Chlorophyll and Vitamin B12. It enhances physical and mental well-being and regular use helps the body detoxify naturally. This Superfood is the biggest-selling, organic, unprocessed micronutrient in America and was elected “The Best Body Tonic” by Family Circle magazine.

Blue Green Algae

Over 3 billion years ago, the first life forms appeared on earth; they were blue green algae. Today, they are found everywhere. Algae provide 90% of the oxygen for our planet and every other life-form has evolved from the humble blue-green algae. They provide the staple diet of countless plants and animals.


Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA)

Our algae is a wild, sweetwater algae growing only in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA. This is one of the largest, pure, alkaline lakes in the world, nestled high in the Cascade Mountains, in a protected, unpolluted area. The lake is fed by clear, clean rivers, streams and underground springs, carrying mineral-rich lava silt from the surrounding mountains. We only harvest in the summer when the algae is photosynthesising, at the height of its potency and only from the deepest, cleanest waters of the lake.


Why we need Algae

In an ideal world everyone would get all the nutrition they need from the food they eat. However, even in the developed world, the diet of many people is inadequate. Over-farming removes minerals from the soil faster than they can be replaced, leaving the soil mineral deficient. The foods we eat are often contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, hormones and fertiliser residues. Most modern processing methods reduce food’s nutritional value. With the pace of modern life, many of our meals and our children’s are snatched and rushed, with little thought to nutritional needs and using processed food rather than fresh food with higher nutritional quality.


What is the solution?

There are many answers, a number of them connected with lifestyle and some requiring global change. The one we are advocating at Blue Green Planet involves nutrition. Upper Klamath Algae taken on a daily basis, helps provide some of the nutrition that may be lacking in our diets: good nutrition enables our bodies to grow stronger and better able to withstand the rigours of modern life. The algae is not a medicine and does not of itself heal but the human body is a miracle and is designed to be self-repairing. Sometimes all it needs are the raw materials, the right internal environment to perform restorative functions. Upper Klamath Algae is over 90% assimilable, up to 5 times more than synthesised vitamin and mineral supplements.

As well as all the other nutrients (see Typical Analysis) Upper Klamath Algae offers the most concentrated amounts of usable Vitamin B12, the vitamin vegetarians, and more especially vegans, have difficulty sourcing in their diets.

It is one of the richest sources of Chlorophyll which prevents germs developing, speeds wound healing and acts as an immunity booster and tonic. As a detoxifier, it has been shown to help neutralise the effect of some cancer-causing chemicals.

Other important ingredients are precursors of neuropeptides, compounds needed for the healthy functioning of the brain. Malnourished Nicaraguan children, given Upper Klamath Algae, achieved steadily improving school grades, rising from 64% to 85% after two years. Practitioners who use it claim remarkable benefits for brain function, from mental alertness to creativity. American psychiatrist, Gabriel Cousins, believes it might even help to partially reverse or prevent Alzheimer’s disease or at least temporarily halt the progression. Other ingredients help to balance hormones and this has proven especially beneficial to women.

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